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Lyrics - Table for One

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Table for One (Alvin, Ryuji Iida)

Even the stars can't tell me how

The way to drown this pain somehow

I wish that time would let me fly

From this table,

Table for one...

Pull me closer, Draw me deeper

I dont care how much it takes.

Midnight lover, nothing lingers

Everything is all but a dream.

Take me over, throw me under

Anything to make me forget.

Sleepless slumber, endless hunger

Nothing stops me, still I cant take you off my mind.

I dont know why, no matter how I try

I've tried...

Tell me why, the logic fails my mind

If only I could turn back time...

Even the stars they don't know how

I need to kill the pain some how

If only time would pass me by

From this table

Table for one...

Drown this pain

Take me home

Drown this pain

Take me home

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